A-choo! I have a cold.

–Achu, Geonosis Clone Trooper vs. Achu vs. Darth Vader's Apprentice vs. Mace Windu

Achu is a tribal leader from the jungle. He has mystical powers, and a powerful sun disk for a companion. He guards ancient treasure, however he also helps the Adventurers to find the treasure. Sometimes I have to wonder if he's got any idea what his end goal is...

Achu was defeated in Season 1 by Mace Windu, but he sneezed himself back into the competition by defeating Coelophysis and a Geonosian Zombie. After losing to Jack Fury, he advanced to Round 2, where he lost to Nadakhan

Nominated by: Edit

Season 1: NexoByte

Season 3: Commandosaur

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