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Bow to me, peasants!

–Alien Queen, Invizable vs. Griffin Turner vs. Alien Queen

Queen Hypogirtis is the hexapedal leader of the Mars Mission Aliens, as well as a character in the LEGO Battles video game. She is very authoritarian, and a renowned villain. She has recently taken up learning law to inflict more pain on her enemies, however this has put her in a state of emotional disarray, and given her a very short temper. She is disappointed in those who mispronounce her name.

Despite the Queen's power and imposing presence, she lost to Invizable, who went on to win a round three match. Perhaps that means she's second best!

Always look for the loopholes!

In the second season, Queen Hypogirtis was defeated by Unidracow in the season opener. But in Season 3, her luck changed, and she beat Clutch Powers, Jek-14, and General Hux. Even though Craniac beat her the next match, she has not arrived at the Round 2 matches unprepared, as she was able to defeat Coelophysis, Frenzy, and Pharaoh Hotep. Even with her change of luck, she was not able to defeat Dr. Inferno.

Nominated by:

Season 1: Commandosaur

Season 2: Commandosaur

Season 3: NexoByte