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Welcome to Amset-Ra's Fighting Pyramid!

–Amset-Ra, Benny vs. AntiMatter

Amset-Ra is the most awesome, powerful, lovable minifigure that has ever existed. He is also the best fighter, but he is so kind and nice that he lets others beat him so that they can feel special too. Amset-Ra's father, Pharaoh Hotep, is a cruel cool dad.

Oh, and he owns the the Fighting Rubik's Pyramid of Doom, with some funding from his father.

Amset-Ra has a 1-1 record, showing his true modesty. He won a battle against the Astronaut Gunner, Classic Alien, and Weight Lifter in order to be in a round 2 match, but only because everyone wanted him to be in one, and so he had to. He allowed his next opponents, Jek-14 and Battle Mech, to tie against him, much to the entire audience's disappointment, and decided it would be unfair to beat AntiMatter in the second round.

Transmission Intercepted:

*This is the Space Police. To all who are privy to this message, please be aware this man is wanted for crimes against LEGOmanity.*

Nominated by:

Season 1: Himself.