• Surtatb2007

    Because I needed a snack.

    Crowd: VIZZIE!

    Frenzy: Let the battle begin!

    Wyldstyle: And it's off to the races! Toxikita splashes a can of acid on the field, corroding Tee-Vee's central wiring, but that doesn't stop a god!

    Tee-Vee: New wiring downloaded. Extermination protocol 3.0 activated?

    Invizable: What happened to protocols 1 and 2?

    Tee-Vee: I used them to kill my last few opponents.

    Invizable: Wow. That's- darker than I expected.


    Wyldstyle: Tee-Vee has opened fire, seconds before a new decade begins. Wait? What's that noise?

    Mysterious noise: Ten!

    The stadium starts shaking.

    Mysterious noise: Nine! Eight! Seven! Six! Five!

    Amset-Ra: What's going on? Ogel? Are you behind this? Dad, where exactly are we?

    Pharaoh Hotep: We're inside the…

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  • Surtatb2007

    New Year's Eve 2019

    January 1, 2020 by Surtatb2007

    Here's my annual New Year's Eve special! Semi-annual, I guess, after missing last year.

    Amset-Ra: Hey, Dad! I wanted to have an All-Star match to celebrate a new decade!

    Pharaoh Hotep: Son, I've been alive for thousands of decades, and let me tell you, a new one's nothing special. Except for Y2K. Now that was a proper catastrophe!


    Pharaoh Hotep: Ouch! That stung. Son, you really got to lay off on those-


    Pharaoh Hotep: Point taken. The apple doesn't fall very far from the tree, I guess. What do you want me to do?

    Amset-Ra: I need you to find Chell and tell her to open a portal to a very special venue.

    Pharaoh Hotep: Where do you have in mind?

    Amset-Ra: Tell Chell to surprise me.

    Pharaoh Hotep: Yes, sir.

    The Yang Tavern...

    'Mezmo:' And, i…

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  • Weasel23

    Test Battle

    June 6, 2017 by Weasel23

    Just A Quick Test Battle. 

    NOTE: Since This Is A Test, I Am Not As Carefull To Remove Spelling Errors.

    Banana Suit Guy Vs. Emmit Vs. Achu

    The Anouncer: Dr. Inferno   The Referee: Ogel   The Predicter: Axel

    Amset Ra: Welcome all to another gloooooorious battle! Oh no! Now I'm infected!

    Sir Fanger: Is that a gloooooorious problem?

    Amset Ra: Of course it's a gloooooorious problem! Anyway, in the red corner is the wannabe hipster: Banana Suit Guy!

    Banana Suit Guy: Wannabe?! To say the least I am offended...I mean, NOT COOL DUDE!!!!!

    Amset Ra: In the green corner is Emmit that one LEGO Movie character!

    Emmit: Well that was a lame description...

    Amset Ra: Nothing I do is lame! And in the yellow corner is... ah... AH... ACHU!

    Sir Fanger: Bless you.

    Amset Ra: Glo…

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  • NexoByte

    New Battle Template

    February 25, 2017 by NexoByte

    I've designed this awesome template from scratch. It combines our snarky battle introductory notes, the announcer, referee, and predictor lists, and the fighters and their stats.

    What do you think? Should it be implemented to the battle system?

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  • Surtatb2007

    This is my New Year's Special 2017!

    Pharoah Hotep: Hey son? I'm going to take a nice hot bath.

    Amset Ra: Okay. Just don't kill yourself in toxic sludge!

    Pharoah Hotep: I will!

    Pharoah Hotep walks to Jokerland.

    Joker: HeHeHeHeHe! He walked right into our trap!

    Riddler: The trap is waiting to be sprung; the carnage has only just begun!

    Clayface: Food! Food! YumYum.

    Two-Face: Yes, oh yes. I will get my revenge.


    Pharoah Hotep: There's the Toxic Pool thingy majigy.

    The Cat in the Hat: Hey! That's copyright infringement!

    Pharoah Hotep: Who cares.

    The Cat in the Hat: Why this sounds like a job for Thing 1 and Thing 2!

    Thing: Someone called?

    Clayface: Cheap knockoff. Clayface destroy cheap knockoff!

    Thing: You may fight, but I will win. I will triumph!

    Riddler: Fight now, an…

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  • NexoByte

    Hark, my readers,
    And I shall tell
    Of the night before Christmas
    Without any fail.

    `Tis a story 'bout Amset,
    Hotep, and fate
    And who better than Grundal
    This story relate!

    Our story takes place
    The Fighting Pyramid within
    So without further ado
    Let us begin.

    `Twas the night before Christmas
    And all through the pyramid
    Not a creature was stirring
    Not even a... Fearamid...?

    Amset-Ra: Good! Now that Grundal froze everyone in time everyone's asleep, I can pig out on Santa's milk and cookies! Not that he'll be eating them anyway. Better avoid the carrots - I'm not a vegetarian.

    I said, "Not a creature was stirring."

    Amset-Ra: Eek!

    Amset-Ra attempts to stand perfectly still.

    Now, you probably wonder how I am speaking without using Christmas carols. Well, I must speak i…

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  • NexoByte

    New theme song!

    December 5, 2016 by NexoByte

    I made a new theme song a couple of days ago. I originally intended it for Toxikita, but it also sounds great for Alien Queen... and a handful of other fighters.

    Which fighter should this new theme song be for? Let me know in the comments.

    EDIT: This song is made to loop.

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  • NexoByte

    There has been much talk around here about theme songs for different characters. Actually it was Commandosaur's idea. But at long last, the first theme song is finally and officially here! And what better character to give the first theme song to than the most awesome, beneficial, creative, docile, enthusiastic, friendly, etc. Tee-Vee!

    This song was created using OpenMPT, and used only seven instruments and eight channels. They are as follows:

    1. Bass Drum
    2. Snare Drum
    3. Ride
    4. An unused Bass Drum
    5. Piano
    6. Synth Organ
    7. Background Effect

    The synth organ is the main instrument. I'm surprised how well the piano went with it even after the organ plays beautiful harmonies halfway through the song!

    I highly recommend OpenMPT for making music, and I will certainly be ma…

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  • Surtatb2007

    Darth Vader: Why does that upstart Kylo Renn get the First Order! I want it! And what I want, I get!

    Kylo Ren: I cheat at cards.

    Darth Vader: You got the First Order through cards?

    Kylo Ren: Eh. Let's see what you get.

    Cards: I am the ze Cardz, Zpeaker of Phoebeuz Apollo.

    Cards: You will go to Amset Ra's Armory and fight in a gentleman's duel against one Jack Fury with a shuriken.

    Darth Vader: But I don't know how to use a shuriken.

    Kylo Ren: Then learn.

    Agent Zeal: Welcome, ladies and gentleman, to the second-ever Duel. Right here at the Collisium!

    Cue the Applause Track.

    ???: Your applause track has been replaced by this messsage: Surrender or die!

    Agent Zeal: Cybermen! Well, I am holding the all-important position of announcer, referee, and predictor. In th…

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  • NexoByte

    A huge group of Spyders are streaming through small cracks in the Ultra Agents' secret entrance. A frantic Solomon is wearing a copy of Doc Ock's claw arms. In two claw arms are cans of bug spray, in the other two are flyswatters, and in his hand is a cell phone.

    Solomon: Max Solarflare! We need SLAP SLAP SLAP you at the Ultra Agent's TSSSSSSSSSST base right away! We're under attack by Kek kek kek Spyders! Caila, get the Swarm Interceptor! Call up my robot!

    Caila: You know we can never fit the Swarm Interceptor through the halls.

    Curtis: Eeek! Get these Spyders out of here so I can get down from this chandelier!

    Caila: Curtis, we don't have a chandelier.


    Curtis: Ah!


    Pew pew pew!

    Curtis: Is it really humane to shoot Spyders!

    Caila: Oh yeah. Here…

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  • NexoByte

    Several months back...

    Morgan Lux is working on an experiment.

    Morgan: One cup of sugar, two tablespoons of flour... Soon, this recipe will remove all crime from the world!

    A Tygurah leaps off his shelf and unto his experiment, ruining everything. There is an explosion, and two evil eyes appear.


    Tygurah: Purrrrr...

    In the present, at the Ultra Agent's new base...

    Curtis Bolt is guiding Trey Swift and Steve Zeal around the new base.

    Trey: Wow! Lookatallthevehicles! CanIrideone? Huhhuhhuh?

    Steve: Awwwwwwwesoooooooommme.

    Hidden Spyder: Kek kek

    Curtis: I heard that!

    He shoots the Spyder.

    Curtis: Sorry, we're fighting an infestation.

    Trey: Iloveyournewoutfit,Curtis! Amazingoffice!

    Steve: Yeeeeeeaaaah.

    Curtis: O…

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  • NexoByte

    At the Ultra Agents Mission HQ...

    Solomon: Everyone, get your rears over here. I want you to meet two new recruits. This is Trey Swift, who is so fast that he cleared seventh grade in two days. Steve Zeal here is so slow that it takes him two days just to tie his shoe laces.

    Trey: Higuys! IlovetheUltraAgents! Sowhoisthebadguy? Huh? Huh? Huh?

    Steve: Hhhheeeelllllllloooo.

    Max: I think our author went overboard with the Trey-is-fast-and-Steve-is-slow thing.

    Solomon: Quiet! You'll break the fourth wall! And by the way, you and Jack are supposed to be gone until Part 11!

    Max: Fine...

    They leave.

    Caila: Didn't you just break the fourth wall yourself?

    Solomon: Let's not talk about it. Oh, and since Professor Hydron ditched us in pursuit of a new career, we need …

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  • NexoByte

    Curtis: Welcome to another thrilling edition of Not So Secret Intel. Today, we've discovered who the main villain is!... Although we could have looked at his interludes in the first six parts of this little story. Alrighty, his name is AntiMatter, and-

    Audience: Thank you, Captain Obvious.

    Curtis: You knew?

    Audience: Yup. We read the story.

    Curtis: Oh. With me today is Jack Fury, who will tell us how AntiMatter creates portals. Okay, Jack, you're going to text your speech to every phone in Astor City, so I hope your speech is 140 characters or less.

    Jack: Okay! Blablablablabla-

    Curtis: Now I will tell you how he creates portals. Read this to the tune of "This is the House that Jack Built."

    Jack: Me?

    Curtis: No. Ready?

    This is the staff that AntiMatter made.


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  • ArcticSeahorse

    Example Battle

    March 14, 2016 by ArcticSeahorse

    The Announcer: Terabyte

    The Referee: Wyldstyle

    The Predictor: Axel

    Amset Ra is sitting at his desk, looking over recent documents about the

    upcoming battle...

    Amset Ra: Mosquitoid, okay... General Crokenburg... This will be an interesting battle... And... Oh... Oh no... Oh no, no, no...

    Amset Ra's eyes widen as he reads the final fighter...

    Amset Ra: G- G- Grundalychus...

    Frenzy races down the hallway in front of the door, cackling maniacally with Wyldstyle's hair clutched in his hand. Wyldstyle runs after him.

    Wyldstyle: Give that back! Seriously, what is it with you and my hair!? Why can't you go steal someone else's?!

    Frenzy: NO!!!! Not YOURS!!!! This is my HAIR!!!! Stealers KEEPERS!!!!

    Amset Ra looks up, shaking his head, before looking back down at his p…

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  • TheAnonymousA


    March 13, 2016 by TheAnonymousA

    Well, this is just tests of stuff.

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  • Commandosaur

    Well, it's been a busy, confusing season. I still don't know what happened and how we ended up with Toxikita in the finale, so I'll have to go re-read some of those battles.

    While we definitely had a more established formula, battles were rarely confined to it. And while the site made some major improvements, I have to admit... I feel as though this season wasn't as great as the first.

    I doubt we'll ever see something as good as that first season, but I think this one could have been better. Battles were, for me, often less memorable, and I know that one or two of us writers found ourselves somewhat bored. I know that my own battles were, for the most part, failures, in terms of a lack of hilarity and often a lack of coherency. I was too afr…

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  • NexoByte

    A rendition of Charles Dickens' A Christmas Carol, starring Frenzy as Ebenezer Scrooge.


    Amset-Ra: Welcome back, Frenzy. How did it go?

    Frenzy: GREAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Although I never want to see Mrs. Buoy-Cratchitt with a beard again.

    Amset-Ra: So the Book and Media Reenactor 3000 works. Good.

    Pharaoh Hotep enters.

    Pharaoh Hotep: Hey, can I use that thing?

    Amset-Ra: Sure. Where do you want to go, Dad?

    Pharaoh Hotep: How about Super Mario Bros?

    Amset-Ra: Video games aren't installed yet, although I'd assure you that Eruptorr would play Bowser.

    Pharaoh Hotep: Actually, I would play Bowser.

    Amset-Ra: Then I would play Mario.

    Pharaoh Hotep: Whatever.

    Hotep enters the machine, and accidentally hits the button that sends him to A Christmas Carol.

    Amset-Ra: Bye.


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  • NexoByte

    A rendition of Charles Dickens' A Christmas Carol, starring Frenzy as Ebenezer Scrooge.

    Frenzy is out in the streets, doing what he does best when he's bored: taking off his upper arms and throwing them like boomerangs. (They really do come back, too!)

    Frenzy: I'm BORED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I know.

    Suddenly, a portal to the Cursed Realm opens.

    Frenzy: HAPPIES!!!!!!!!!! Another GHOST!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Sure enough, a ghost and his Rock Monster emerge from the portal, which closes behind him.

    Ghost: I am Morro, the Ghost of-

    Frenzy: Christmas Yet to Come, I know.

    Morro: I was going to say "the Ghost of the demise of the Ninja," but I guess this will do. Oh, and this is my Rock Monster, Eruptorr. Without further ado, let us commence with the tour. MORROOOOOOOOOOO……

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  • NexoByte

    A rendition of Charles Dickens' A Christmas Carol, starring Frenzy as Ebenezer Scrooge.

    Frenzy wanders over to a bakery. No one knew him. No one knew where he had-

    Frenzy: Okay, that's enough with the BOXCAR CHILDREN INTROS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    A ghostly figure walks out of the bakery.

    ???: I am Sir Fangar, the gloooooorious Ghost of Christmas Present.

    Frenzy: Woohoo!!!! I love presents!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Sir Fangar: No, McScrooge. Present means now. Speaking of now, come on out, Tremorox!

    He does.

    Tremorox: TREMOR-EMOR-EMOR!

    Sir Fangar: I see you are already in the glooooorious present. Anyway, go to this address.

    He hands a piece of paper to Frenzy, who walks to that address, with Sir Fangar and Tremorox following him.

    Sir Fangar: This is Bobby "Cra…

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  • NexoByte

    A rendition of Charles Dickens' A Christmas Carol, starring Frenzy as Ebenezer Scrooge.

    Frenzy is getting ready for bed.

    Frenzy: Yawn… I need to get rested for another day of STEALING TOMORROW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Soon, Frenzy is sound asleep. His snoring is intermingled with exclamatory mark. At 1 AM, he is awakened by something at his window.

    Frenzy: How did you GET IN HERE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    ???: Magic. Anyway, I am Pythor, the Ghossssssst of Chrissssssstmassssssss Passssssst.

    Frenzy: No wonder why you were white in your 2015 variant…

    Pythor: No, McSsssssscrooge. That had to do with sssssssome Great Devourer nut job…

    Frenzy: You chose this role just to hiss more, right???????

    Pythor: No. Thissssss is my Rock Monssssssster, Geolix.


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  • Surtatb2007

    This will be written in a different format and will be a sneak peak to my new series coming in 2016.

    "The Jester," said the Book of Monsters.

    "All set," said the Book of Revnge.

    "Fire!" the Book of Deception cried.

    "Chill out," the Nexo Knight Lance said.

    "Freeze!" Merlok the wizard growled.

    "Yes," Monsters crooned. "Freeze."

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  • Surtatb2007

    Thank You

    January 1, 2016 by Surtatb2007

    Thank you for welcoming me into the wiki and teaching me how to do stuff. Thank you for being so kind and a Happy New Year!

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  • Surtatb2007

    New Year Special

    January 1, 2016 by Surtatb2007

    This is my 2015 New Year's Special!

    Amset Ra: Corana!

    Rose fell to the ground.

    Aquaman: Let's get out of here.

    Commander Flash: Not so fast.

    Aquaman: Water!

    Aquaman and Amset Ra swim away.

    In New York City...

    Amset Ra: The Crystal Ball is Missing!

    Aquaman: Don't worry. Crime is my department.

    Amset Ra: But what about the TARDIS?

    Aquaman: Don't worry, I can handle them. Count me in.

    On the TARDIS's secret base on Mars...

    Aquaman: Let's go inside.

    DJ: Walk another step and I will blast you with my poison gun.

    Amset Ra: Corana!

    DJ: You still will not succeed.

    The two go inside.

    Brawn: Surrender!

    Amset Ra: Never!

    Brawn: Really, you two are very pathetic.

    Aquaman: Water!

    Brawn is washed away.

    Amset Ra: Let's take the Crystal Ball.

    Hoodwink: Stop.

    Streak: The TARDIS wil…

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  • NexoByte

    A rendition of Charles Dickens' A Christmas Carol, starring Frenzy as Ebenezer Scrooge.

    LEGO City, December 24, 5:28 PM.

    Frenzy is in the cold winter streets, making a living by swindling the poor.

    Livi the Pop Star: My microphone!

    Daredevil: My cape!

    Wyldstyle: My hair!

    Frenzy: Glorious magical HAIR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Sir Fangar: Only I can get the glooooooooorious honor of saying that word.

    Frenzy: Oh.

    Frenzy runs into his store with his stolen goods and puts them up on the shelves.

    Frenzy: Wyldstyle hair, $69.99!!!!!!!!! They don't come CHEAP!!!!!!!!! Get yours TODAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Same goes with all the other stuff in Frenzy and Wrayth Mart!

    Bobby "Cratchit" Buoy emerges from the back room.

    Bobby: Phew! I can't lift another box. Can I …

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  • Commandosaur

    Starring Aliens! Starring Astronauts! Starring Awesome!

    Guest Starring Gandalf!

    Brought to you by Last Resort Awesome Productions!

    In the middle of nowhere on Mars...


    Bill: Finally! Where do we start?

    Jeff: Well, there are no crystals to mine despite it being the time to mine crystals.

    At the Eagle Command Base...

    John: YAWWWWN!!!!!!

    Commander Roberts: John! You're finally awake!

    John: Gasp! Help... somebody! I... need... coffee...

    Commander Roberts: Petrov, did you fix the machine yet?

    Petrov: No, it was the Dodo who did the fixing! Here is being a nice, warm coffee!


    John: Phew, that's better. I guess it's time to get on with my day.

    John leaves and operates a random, supposedly useful button-and-panel station in the backgro…

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  • NexoByte

    It's another beautiful day in Astor City... except for all the chaos and the images of Terabyte on all of the screens and digital billboards.

    Boat Driver: My boat!

    Grandma: My wig!

    Mechanic: My 5p33ch!

    Mr. Gold: !drawkcab gniklat m'I !pleH

    The fangirls run away from him.

    Meanwhile, the Ultra Agents Mission HQ is on the move...

    P.U.P.: Sniff sniff sniff... Grrrrr!

    Solomon: Yes, P.U.P., there is something on Astor Tower. It's just a Spiderman wannabe. Nothing big.

    Oh really? Mind if we take a close-up?

    Solomon: Um...

    One close-up coming right up! Oh, and several police cars surround Astor Tower.

    Terabyte: Only approximately twenty or so against one? The mathematical odds are extremely unfavorable-

    Solomon: -for you!

    Terabyte: That's my line.


    Inside the Ultra Ag…

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  • TheAnonymousA


    October 7, 2015 by TheAnonymousA

    Hi, guys!

    I'm becoming a bit busy now, so I can't be as active as before. I hope you'll understand.

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  • TheAnonymousA

    This is the second Vehicle battle in Invizable's fighting Cube. Enjoy!

    The announcer: Invizable

    The refree: Wyldstyle

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  • TheAnonymousA

    Pyramid War 1

    September 22, 2015 by TheAnonymousA

    I am going to write these Wars between Invizable's Fighting Cube and Amset-Ra's Fighting Pyramid. This is the first and my second battle. Enjoy!

    In The Fighting Pyramid.....

    Amset-Ra: Ogel, where are my magnifying glasses?

    Ogel walks in carrying a huge bag.

    Ogel: Here......master.

    Ogel collapses.

    Amset-Ra: Oh, well, these many will have to do. Anubis guards, take him to the dungeon!

    Ogel: Not again......

    Two Anubis guards drag Ogel away.

    Amset-Ra lines up the magnifying glasses towards Invizable's fighting cube.

    Amset-Ra: Hehehehehehe! UltraCorona!

    An incredibly powerful beam is shot through the magnifying glasses, making it even more powerful.

    Meanwhile, in the Fighting Cube...

    Invizable: These mirrors all over the place are really cool!

    The incredibly…

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  • TheAnonymousA

    AT-AT vs.Speeder bike

    September 22, 2015 by TheAnonymousA

    Hi! I am going to write a few Vehicle battles on my blog.

    This is the first one and my first ever battle:AT-AT vs. Speeder bike.

    The Battle:                                     

    Invizable: Welcome to Invizable's fighting cube!

    Wyldstyle: I am your announcer and Invizable is the awesome, brainy, cool, disappearing, ecstatic, fun, etc. refree and host of this battle!

    Priest of the Tee-Vee: Those adjectives may only be used for the great Tee-Vee!

    Lawyer of Invizable: My client has the rights to be described as he likes!

    Invizable: Yes! Wait, why aren't our names in bold?

    Terabyte: Amset-Ra asked me to sabotage your fighting cube.

    Invizable: That traitorous mummy!

    AT-AT pilot: When does this battle start? I have to get back to Hoth, you know!

    Invizable: A…

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  • NexoByte

    Curtis: Welcome, everyone. As you can see, I'm putting my secret intel on public television. We'll get right to the intel after the break.

    Commercial: Do you have a broken vehicle. Perhaps you have a flat tire or your speeder bike needs an oil change? Then Squidman's Pitstop is the place for you! Here, we will confiscate your vehicle and kidnap you fix up your vehicle for the very low price of all your money, 30 Re-Gou Rubies, 50 Tygurahs, a 300-page book of all the names of Sam Sinister, and Golf Tooth's teeth $19.99! Guaranteed or your money back! Call 1-800-SQUIDMAN today!

    Curtis: Welcome back. In today's intel, we will doscover how these villains are coming to be. Let's watch this eyewitness video from Surtatb2007.

    Surtatb2007: All right, here comrs …

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  • Akamichi

    Hello, as you may all know... I am the original founder of the wiki or at-least some of you who I sent a message too. I just wanted to let you know the things that will be coming to this wiki hopefully to show off style. If any of you would like to request an update, just let me know by commenting on the blog, thank you.

    Below will be a list of things that will come soon:

    • Infoboxes - Those were already added by another user.
    • New Header - Added already

    • Background - Might come soon.
    • Help Pages - Anybody of a ranking can do this whom is not a user if they would like. :)

    This is all we have so far, I hope that some of you suggest some great things and I will see you all later.

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  • Surtatb2007

    Soul Archer vs. Jack Fury

    September 4, 2015 by Surtatb2007

    Invizable: I'm not really sure how to do this...

    Antman: Zhen vhy vere you hired?

    Amset Ra: He never was. Infearno was hired instead.

    Dr. Inferno: Me?

    Amset Ra: Infearno.

    Caila Phoenix: But Infearno won't be fair.

    Amset Ra: The Afterlife isn't fair.

    Curtis Bolt: Infearno will burn down your pyramid.

    Amset Ra: I have pyramid insurance.

    Amset Ra walks to his office. The hologram projector is flashing.

    Hologram Projector: You have one new message.

    Amset Ra views the message.

    Message: Your insurance has been cancelled by the Space Police.

    Amset Ra: Oh great. I thought I blew them up on Revenge Day.

    Infearno: Welcome to Amset Ra's Dueling Arena!

    Wyldstyle: On the right hand side is Soul Archer!!!

    Frenzy: Exclamatory remarks!!!

    Wyldstyle: On the left hand side is Jack Fury!!!


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  • Surtatb2007

    Amset Ra's Armory

    September 4, 2015 by Surtatb2007

    Amset Ra: Welcome to Amset Ra's Armory!!!

    Frezy: Exclamatory Remarks!!!

    Amset Ra's: Here you will vote in any LEGO fighter with your choice of a weapon. Like my fighting pyramid, there can only be four fighters.

    Audience: Ya-hoo!

    Terabyte: Yahoo?

    Cowboy: Ye-ha!

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  • NexoByte

    Breaking LEGO News

    August 11, 2015 by NexoByte

    We interrupt the Not So Ultra Agents story to bring you breaking news concerning 2016 sets. accidentally posted a 2016 set list a little too early, and it was shared on many sites. And LEGO on purpose told the sites to remove the list.

    I, however, found a site that still has the list. You can see it at this link:[1]

    According to the list, themes like City, Star Wars, Super Heroes, BIONICLE, Ninjago, and Speed Champions are continuing. But as for Chima and Ultra Agents, it's the end of the road for them.

    The most exciting thing about the 2016 sets is the introduction of a new theme, Nexo Knights. From what I've heard, Nexo Knights will be a steampunk Castles theme with robo horses, catapults, and more! What's even more interesting is …

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  • NexoByte

    Jack Fury is going on a date with Caila Phoenix.

    Caila: So, where should we go tonight?

    Jack: How about the movies? Tickets for HULKBUSTERZ!!! are half price.

    Caila: Nah, I'm not a Marvel fan. What else is there?

    Jack: Oh, haw about the latest Monty Pythor movie?

    Caila: Deal! But first, I need to run over to the bank to deposit a check.

    Jack and Caila go to the bank.

    Jack: Whoa, this place looks like a museum...

    They see Breezor and Tormak hiding behind a pillar.

    Breezor: Fix-it-fix-it-fix-it-fix-it-fix-it-fix-it-fi-

    Tormak slaps Breezor like the snooze button on an alarm clock.

    Tormak: Quiet! You'll blow our cover!

    Sir Fangar and Stealthor enter.

    Sir Fangar: Did I blow your gloooooorious cover? So sorry about that, but you'll have to come with us to our glooooo…

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  • Commandosaur

    Starring Aliens! Starring Astronauts! Starring Awesome!

    Guest Starring Dodo!

    Brought to you by Last Resort Awesome Productions!

    In the middle of nowhere on Mars...

    Ali: Ouch.

    Alice: You can say that again.

    Ali: Ouch.

    Aloha: I feel like that's already been said before...

    Alfred: First I leave the mothership outside and now this... But really, who cares?

    Albert: Except for the Queen.

    Hyvak: Alright, you drones are taking full responsibility for this. You kidnapped me and then crashed the shuttle and I am in no way responsible.

    Ali: I don't remember kidnapping you...

    Alec: It was right after he fell asleep, remember?

    Ali: No...


    Ali: Oh yeah! I NEARLY forgot! It's a good thing I remembered and didn't just make this up!

    Albert: Wait, if we kidnappe…

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  • Commandosaur

    Starring Aliens! Starring Astronauts! Starring Awesome!

    Guest Starring Meltrox!

    Brought to you by Last Resort Awesome Productions!

    In the cafeteria of Eagle Command Base 1....

    Commander Roberts: Has anyone seen Petrov?

    Chekov: He vas not returning this morning, sir!

    Commander Roberts: Where did he go?

    Chekov: Ze new coffee machine, sir!

    Commander Roberts: Good. Now get back to the enterprise. You dont even have a LEGO Minifigure made yet.


    Commander Roberts: Much better.

    In Commander Hyvak's room...

    Alfred: We're all out of cheese.

    Hyvak: Hmm... Fetch me some apples!

    Alfred: We don't have any of those either because we're on Mars, remember?

    Hyvak: Oh, right. Sorry, I think I was in LEGO Logic mode. Ooh, I've got an idea! Let's go on a roadtrip!


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  • Commandosaur

    Season 1 is over, and it has been too much fun. From the very first moment when we were introduced to Amset-Ra and his motley crew of staff, none of us could have expected the escapades of Pharaoh Hotep and that guy with too many names to recite here, or the villainy of the Space Police and Meca One, the incompetence of SO MANY MINIFIGURES, the hilarity of Frenzy, Wyldstyle and the Grundalychus, and especially not that we would have had so much fun!

    That being said, it's time to look towards Season 2. Season 2 will undoubtedly be very different, since it will have so much more backstory to draw on. Here are a few detailedish predictions on what I believe will happen to several fighters this season...

    Depending on who the Grundal faces, he is…

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  • Surtatb2007

    Karlof: Let me see.

    Kai: Would you mind?

    Kai and Karlof prepare for another fight. Meanwhile, the ferry lands and starts to unload, with the sound drums in the distance.

    Jay: Wow. Chen has a nice island.

    Cole: I agree. Now, Sensei, would you mind telling us who Chen really is?

    Garmadon: Before Chen was my enemy, he was my Sensei. He tought me to win at all costs. Then, when the Serpentine Wars began, Chen was fighting with the Serpentine, and I was fighting with the Elemental Masters. I swore never to return here, where Chen was exiled.

    Jay: You really shouldn't swear. It's a sign of weak verbal intelligence.

    Lloyd: Chen was fighting with Serpentine in the war you and Uncle Wu fought together in?

    Garmadon: Yes.

    The ninja walk through a archway into the main …

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  • Surtatb2007

    Lloyd: Allright. The ferry here leaves at midnight, so we have another 15 minutes.

    Clouse: All Elemental Masters, please line up for boarding.

    The ferry arrives.

    Clouse: You may all now board the ferry.

    The ninja and others walk up the plank.

    Clouse: No weapons, Master of Lightning.

    Clouse pulls a nunchuck out of Jay's bag.

    Jay: Aw man.

    Suddenly Garmadon appears, running.

    Garmadon: Son, wait! That boat isn't safe!

    Jay: What do you mean? Did this ferry not pass its safety inspection or something.

    Garmadon: I mean THIS BOAT ISN'T SAFE!!!!!

    Lloyd: Sorry Dad, but we have to go. We could find Zane!

    Garmadon: If you're going, I'm coming with you.

    Clouse: Sorry, but there is no more room on this ship.

    Jay: You mean ferry.

    Clouse: I mean ship.

    Jay: You meant FERRY! F-E-R-R-Y!


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  • Commandosaur

    Starring Aliens! Starring Astronauts! Starring Awesome!

     Brought to you by Last Resort Awesome Productions.


    At the Alien Supreme Hive...

    Alien Commander Hovok: I am prepared for my first assignment, mother. No matter the danger, and regardless of the sacrifice, I will fulfill my mission with all of the courage, strength and commitment I have, in your name!

    Alien Commander Hyvak: Me too. I'd really like to go to Hive 314, or Hive 73, but since Hive 99 needs a new commander, I'll go there too!

    Alien Commander Hovok: My only stipulation is that I am stationed far, far away from my brother.

    Alien Queen Hypogirtis: Neither of you are in a position to make requests. While both of you did pass your exams with acceptable results, there are few hives in…

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  • NexoByte

    On a helipad in Astoria...

    Toxikita: Retox, why won't this helicopter start?!

    Retox: Because, Toxie, I wanted to see if it flew on cream cheese!

    Toxikita: I ought to un-hench you for that... Retox, vaccuum out the cream cheese and bring the helicopter fuel!

    Retox: Yes, Toxie.

    Retox completes the above requests.

    Toxikita: Retox, get in, and I'll hold on to the- actually, Retox, I'll fly the helicopter and you hold on to the chain!

    Toxikita super-glues Retox' arm to the chain, gets in the helicopter, and takes off.

    At the Astor City Research Lab...

    Scientist: Thank you! Have a nice day! (sigh) Those people who delivered the Pollutonium are so nice...

    The scientist brings the Pollutonium to the lab. There he sees Curtis Bolt.

    Curtis: Hi, I know I'm not supposed t…

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  • NexoByte

    Solomon is in the Cool Convertible, which is stuck in a traffic jam.

    Solomon: Great, I'm stuck in traffic. I'm going to be late for my movie.

    Solomon: While we wait for traffic to clear up, I'll tell you my back story. I was the former wing pilot of the Galaxy Squad. I had a robot sidekick, a Swarm Interceptor, a buggy, and the Galactic Titan. I felt like I owned it all. That was, until Max Solarflare came along, and Ace Speedman, our commander, assigned him to my team. I mean, come on! Ace could have assigned Max to the Green Team. They got the Vermin Vaporizer and an awesome hovercraft. Or, better yet, the totally wimpy Red Team! But noooo, Ace just had to assign Max to my team. He also told Max that we had to share the vehicles. The pressure…

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  • NexoByte

    Jack, with stud shooter and shield and leaves enters Astoria. The scene is utter chaos. Cars are thrown into buildings like toys. Glass litters the streets. (Yeah, likes anyone's going to listen to those "No Littering" signs.) The Pop Star runs up to Jack.

    Pop Star: Please, help us!

    Jack: Okay, but only if I get free tickets to your next concert.

    Pop Star: Deal!

    Suddenly, Jacks hears a clicking noise from behind him. He spins around to see a tank approaching him. Instead of guns, the tank is armed with fists and missiles. Tremor is behind the wheel.

    Tremor: TREMOR SMASH!



    Tremor: AAAAAAHHHHHhhhhhh...


    Jack: Wow, that was easier than I thought. I'm returning to HQ.

    Tremor: ...aaaaaahhHH…

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  • NexoByte

    Max Burns is driving on the Flying Bridge in his Quad Bike. He pops a wheelie, wrecking a few cars in the process.

    Max: Woohoo! This is what I call a hobby!

    He spots a boat in the river below. A sludge trail is coming from behind it.

    Max: Uh-oh, that could be dangerous. I'll take care of it.

    Max drives off the bridge, forgetting to detach his boat. He falls in the water.

    Max: And I just took a bath this morning...

    Max spots Adam Acid on the boat.

    Adam Acid: Could you please stay back and let me pollute this river in peace? In other words, go away if you know what's good for ya!

    Max swims toward Adam at about 45 mph. (He is, after all, a seven-times world champion.) Adam Acid guns the motor, and the chase begins.

    Somehow, the boat's ignition is turned, …

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  • NexoByte

    It's the Ultra Agents App, with a new funny Antimatter twist! The player agent is removed altogether! Retox is just as annoying as ever! New running gags! BubbleBomber is one of the bad guys! All in the upcoming Ultra Agents App parody!

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  • NexoByte

    Season 1 Round 2

    June 26, 2015 by NexoByte

    So! It looks like we are about to re-enter Round 2! Here are our winners:

    • Space Villain - 1 week
    • Psyclone - 1 week
    • Tremorox - 1 week
    • Jack Fury - 1 week
    • Terry (Buggoid) - 2 week
    • Master Chen - 1 week
    • Kai - 1 week
    • Fire-Arm - 1 week
    • GCT - 1 week
    • Mace Windu - 3 week
    • Morro - 1 week (so far)

    If Morro finishes Round 1 as a 1-week winner, the battles will be as follows:

    • Space Villain vs. Jack Fury vs. Kai vs. Morro
    • Psyclone vs. Terry vs. Fire-Arm vs. New Fighter
    • Tremorox vs. Master Chen vs. GCT

    If Morro finishes Round 1 as a 2-week winner, the battles will be as follows:

    • Space Villain vs. Jack Fury vs. Fire-Arm
    • Psyclone vs. Master Chen vs. GCT
    • Tremorox vs. Kai vs. New Fighter
    • Terry vs. Morro

    If Morro becomes a 3-week winner, the battles will be the same as if he was a…

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  • Surtatb2007

    Monthly Episode

    June 7, 2015 by Surtatb2007

    I was thinking every month there should be a new monthly episode. Every year the topic should change. This year's topic should be about when Master Chen finds out that Dr. Inferno is planing to overthrow Pharaoh Hotep and Amset Ra. Unable to decide what side he should be on, Master Chen tries out Dr. Inferno rebellion. He likes it and joins, but then Invizable forces Chen to give over top secret information about Dr. Inferno. When Dr. Inferno finds out, he calls Chen a traitor and then a fight brakes out between Chen and Dr. Inferno. Amidst all the confusion, Invizable (who was spying on them) calls the Egyptian Police to arrest Dr. Inferno and Master Chen. With Dr. Inferno and Master Chen in jail, Amset Ra's new lawyer (who you meet in th…

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  • Commandosaur

    Star Wars is the greatest creative franchise that has ever existed, rivaled by a very select group such as Stargate, Star Trek and Marvel. It has an infinite number of wonderful characters, and the fact it has been recreated by LEGO is a great benefit to everyone.

    That being said, I don't think that Star Wars characters should be allowed in the same battles as "True" LEGO Minifigures. They are often overpowered, innumerable and already have entire personalities created for them. I'll explain this a bit more below.

    1. Star Wars characters are superbly powerful. Any Jedi or Sith could easily take down the most powerful of "True" Minifigures, be it using the Force to sense the presence of Invizable or using the Force to simply push their oppone…

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