Bleheheheh! You will all bow to the wrath of my Page 35! Um, I mean, GET ME OFF OF THIS FILTHY GROUND! Whose blood am I lying on?

–Book of Monsters, Pharaoh Hotep vs. Book of Monsters vs. Librarian vs. Cyberman

The Book of Monsters... a literary classic. Inspired by the wondrous Shakespearean plays, as well as the amazing works of Charles Dickens. The foreword is beautifully written by none other than the great Lord Vladek, ancestor of... Ogel... well, not everything in this book is good, though.

Anyway, the content of this book looks and feels so real you'll feel as if you're really there. Or maybe it will feel as if the adventure is coming to you. But the beautiful thing about this novel is that it's actually happening.

The Book of Monsters, however, is not a good fighter, having lost to Pharaoh Hotep in Season 3.

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Season 3: NexoByte

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