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I'm Terry!

–Terry, Jack Fury vs. Agent Chase vs. Squidman vs. Buggoid

Buggoids are insectoid aliens. Terry, the Buggoid in the Fighting Pyramid tournament, was just an average Buggoid, wandering aimlessly around the galaxy. That was, at least, until the day when a misunderstood joke forced him to fight in the Fighting Pyramid.

Terry was victorious in that Season 1 fight against Jack Fury, Agent Chase and Squidman, as well as the next against Ogel. However, he lost to Master Chen and his powerful staff. He then became the only fighter to bypass Round 2 without winning three matches in a row, due to a then-unorganized scoring format in the pyramid. Unfortunately for Terry, his alliance with Alien couldn't prevent his loss to Kai in the 3rd Round.

In Season 2, Terry lost in the first round to the admirable, benevolent, cherished, etc. Tee-Vee, as well as to Flintlocke in Season 3. Who knows how he'll fare in future seasons?

Nominated by:

Season 1: Commandosaur (Accidentally)

Season 2: Commandosaur

Season 3: Commandosaur