[The killer geese] aren't very effective against my tough skin.

–Bytar, Mallock the Malign vs. Captain Brickbeard vs. Dr. Inferno vs. K-2SO

Bytar is a Constrictai warrior. Now, in my defense, the Constrictai are supposedly rejected. I mean, everyone focuses on the Fangpyre, the Hypnobrai, even the Venomari - but no one loves the Constrictai. Long live the Constrictai.

Anyway, Bytar, our Constrictai warrior, had his skills tested in battle, but ultimately his Constrictai knowledge was no match for Mallock the Malign. Hopefully the Constrictai will return soon!

...That's like seven times I said Constrictai.


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Season 3: NexoByte

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