What do minifigures eat? Ha, like we'll ever get around to that here...


Clutch Powers, Peg Mooring and Bernie von Beam sit at one table in the Cafeteria.

Bernie: Why be you needing us coming here today? I was wanting to talk to Invizable about some new invisibility technology.

Peg: Are you going to try and tell us another fairy tale of yours? Or whine about how "Emmet gets so much more attention than me"?

Clutch: No, I've got something much better...

Bernie: That is not sounding so good...

Benny: Hey guys! Can I sit here!

Clutch: That's a great idea! We're going to need all the help that we can get in order to destroy The LEGO Movie!

Peg: Clutch, Benny's IN the LEGO movie... He's not going to help you to destroy his own movie...

Benny: Can I use my spaceship Spaceship SPACESHIP!

Clutch: That's a great idea!

Bernie: How do you plan to take down the biggest movie that was ever made?

Clutch: You mean the second biggest.

Bernie: What is being the biggest then?

Peg: You know what he's going to say, Bernie, so stop wasting your breath.

Clutch: It's Star Wars, obviously!

Peg: I sit mistaken.

Benny: Star Wars has spaceships Spaceships SPACESHIPS!

Bernie: You still haven't told us your plan.

Clutch: First, we steal all of Emmet's entourage.

Peg: What could we possibly give them that they don't already have? They're billionaires right now.

Bernie: Nonillionaires, actually.

Benny: We could give them spaceships Spaceships SPACESHIPS!

Peg: Maybe that could buy you. But what about the others?

Clutch: Well, this part I'm pretty proud of. It really shows off why I'm so much more awesome than any other minifigure, especially that thug Emmet.

Peg: Spare us the egotistical bragging, please.

Clutch: What does Wyldstyle not have? It's so simple, I can't believe no one else noticed it!

Peg: A lot of things. For one, she doesn't have your self-centered attitude.

Benny: She doesn't have as many spaceships Spaceships SPACESHIPS as me!

Bernie: She is being the loser of hair!

Clutch: Exactly! Now, all we have to do, is find Frenzy and get back the hair.

Peg: How do you expect to do that?

Clutch: I've stolen baby Rock Monsters! Some hair shouldn't be a problem for ME. Emmet, on the other hand, would probably end up with it stuck to his back.

Peg: I mean how do we find Frenzy?

Benny: We can use a spaceship Spaceship SPACESHIP!

Bernie: Or could we just lure him out with some tasty Ice Cream?


Frenzy: (From other side of the Rubik's Pyramid) OCTAGONS!


Clutch: I never noticed how similar they were...

Peg: M- me- me neither...

Bernie: It's almost like they are being... the same person...