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With creativity on my side, and no Jek-14 to worry about, there's no way I can lose.

–Clutch Powers, Invizable vs. Clutch Powers vs. Toxikita vs. Infearno

Clutch Powers is the most famous explorer of all time! He is super awesome, but unfortunately for him, he has been outshone by Emmet, who proved to be much more awesome than him.

Although Clutch lost to Jek-14 in Season 1 and Toxikita in Round 2, he came right back and beat Infearno and two season finalists in Season 3. But Alien Queen stopped him the next match, and so did Dr. Inferno in Round 2, so he'll need to get the creative jouces flowing if he really wants to win.

Nominated by:

Season 1: Punctuation Penguin

Season 2: Punctuation Penguin

Season 3: Punctuation Penguin