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–Coelophysis, Wyldstyle vs. Coelophysis

Coelophysis is a dinosaur! Or maybe a bull! Or possibly a mix of the two!

While he lost in a bullfight in Season 1 and just barely missed participating in Season 2, he did assist Tee-Vee in the Season 2 finale. It was during that battle that he consumed the essence of anti-evil and gained powers which could defeat any villain in the blink of an eye.

Coelophysis has a 0-1 record in the Fighting Pyramid, incurred from defeat at the hands of Wyldstyle.

But he came right back, and, using his anti-evil powers, defeated Core Hunter, Merlok 2.0, and Darth Vader's Apprentice. He lost to Achu the following match, and to Alien Queen in Round 2. He will return to bust more evil later!

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Season 1: Commandosaur

Season 3: Commandosaur