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What is this? I know. A battle? Why would you think that?
Season 3, Round 1, Battle 2 (88th battle overall)
Written by Surtatb2007 on February 28, 2016
The Announcer

The Referee

The Predictor

Gorilla Grodd
The Red Corner
Core Hunter
Core Hunter
Six eyes, do ya say?

Rank 24; 1-0
Nominated by NexoByte
The Green Corner
See? It's low and feisty. See-low-feistiest!

Unranked; 0-1
Nominated by Commandosaur
The Yellow Corner
Merlok 2.0
Merlok 2.0
Magic! Magic! Magic! Oh look, a new phone!

Nominated by NexoByte
The Blue Corner
Darth Vader's Apprentice
Darth Vader&#039;s Apprentice
Here's the master of multiple identities!

Unranked; 0-2
Nominated by Punctuation Penguin

Before the Battle

Amset Ra: Yippee! It's revenge day. Who should I blow up today?

Anubis Guard: Queen Hippopotomas has built a replacement vacation hive on J-16.

Amset Ra: Time to blow it up.


???: Nothing will stand in our way.

General Hux: Do not let your personal interest stand in the way of-

???: You are dismissed.

Genral Hux: Whoa!

???: Bring me Lord Ra. I will give you a pay raise.

FN-2003: Here you go, sir.

???: Here is your .5% pay raise.

The Battle

Dogshanks: Welcome to the Fighting Pyramid.

March music plays.

VCE: All hail Commander Darkseid!

Darth Vader March music plays.

Stormtroopers: All hail Lord Vader!

Darth Vader steps into the arena.

George Lucas: Uh Darth?

Darth Vader: Yeah?

George Lucas: You're not in this scene.

Darth Vader: But my music is playing!

George Lucas: Are you hungry? Do you want a donut?

Darth Vader: Cookie cookie cookie cookie cookie cookie.

George Lucas: Could someone get Darth a cookie?

Dogshanks: In the red corner is-


The Death Star lll sends a blast at Middleofnowhere, destroying it.

Everybody: Whoa!

Half of the audience lands on the SHEILD Helicarrier.

Gorilla Grodd: I predict Merlok 2.0 will win, as he is the former head of TARDIS.

Darkseid: Fight! Win! Destroy!

Nick Fury: Please. The Helicarrier was just remodeled.

Darkseid: As you wish.

Nick Fury: Whoa!

Darkseid: Do you beleive you can fly now? Hahahahaha.

Coelophysis: ...

Darkseid: Whoa!

Merlok: It is time for a NEXO scan, to do a little bam-


Core Hunter: Haha, 'e missed me, now 'e gotta got-


Ceolophysis: ...

Darth Vader's Apprentice: Force choke!

Merlok: Time for a NEXO scan, yes, yes, Sam I Am.

Announcer: NEXO Power: Green Eggs and Ham!

Coelophysis: Grrr...


Darkseid: Core Hunter is eliminated!

Merlok 2.0: TARDIS! Attack!

Macy: We have two of the users.

TheAnonymousA: Let us go!

ArcticSeahorse: Yeah!

Merlok 2.0: Never!

Other 4 Users: H4X!

Merlok 2.0: OklGYntujGfWERS!

Coelophysis: ...

Dogshanks: The dreaded Ceolophysis destroyed Merlok 2.0's memory chip after the users hacked into the wizard.

Darkseid: Merlok 2.0 is eliminated.

Ava Prentiss: Good thing I have a 3.0, then.

Coelophysis: ...

DVA: Is that dinosaur for "I am about to eat you"?

Coelophysis: ...

DVA: Well it ain't gonna happen, buddy.

Coelophysis: ...

DVA: "I agree"! What do you mean "I agree"!

Coelophysis: ...

DVA: As in the "I will not eat you but defeat you 'I agree'"?

Coelophysis: ...

DVA: Yes? Whoa!

Darkseid: Coelophysis is the apparent victor of this match.

The Winner
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