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Season 3, Round 1, Battle 44 (137th battle overall)
Written by Weasel23 on February 21, 2019
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The Referee

The Predictor

The Red Corner
Come with me, and you’ll see, a world of pure extermination...

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The Green Corner

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The Yellow Corner

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The Blue Corner
Rex Dangervest
Rex dangervest
He just likes dinosaurs, okay?

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Before the Battle

In the sinister depths of the cafe...

Wee woo! Wee woo! Wee woo!

Amset-Ra: Alright, what's going on here? I want answers.

Frenzy: Infearno's set off all the smoke detectors! Whatever shall we do?!

Snake: Never fear! Super Snake is here!

Amset-Ra: Cringe intensifies.

The front door flies open and Pythor leaps in.

Pythor: Howdy y'all! Did I misssss anything?

Amset-Ra: Eeeeh, not mu- wha?! Your skin's purple?!

Pythor: Correct. Just the way it'sssss sssssupposssed to be.

Amset-Ra: Ah. Right.

Rex: Can we get on with the battle? I'm getting tired.

Amset-Ra: No u…

The Battle

Wyldstyle: Welcome everyone to the first battle of 2019! Located right here in the Luxurious Fighting Rubik's Pyramid of Doom!

Invizable: In the red corner, we have everyone's favorite pepper shaker, Dalek!

Wyldstyle: ??? And in the blue corner, we have Mr. Dangervest himself! Can I have your autograph??

Rex: Huh?

Wyldstyle: You know, a-

Amset-Ra: No time to talk. Got a hot date in fifteen minutes. Gotta get this thing going. FIGHT!

Ogel: Wait wait wait! I di-

Amset-Ra: Chop chop…

The Dalek immediately starts firing its death ray, however, Rex is shielded by a wall of dinos.

Rex: Thought you could defeat me that easily, huh?

The Dalek finds a breach in the fortification and fires through it.

Rex: Wah?!

Rex leaps aside to avoid getting hit.

Rex: Dinos! Attack!

The dinos stampede forward. The Dalek is able to vaporise half of them, but is overcome by the rest. The Dalek is flung across the arena.

Frenzy: Noooooo! You can’t lose that easily!

Before there's a chance of a ring out, the Dalek flies away from the edge.

Rex: That didn't get you, huh? Well, prepare to be rexterminated!

He pulls out a smartphone and starts dialing a number.

Amset-Ra: How could you do such a thing? That's cheating! Out of this house! Out of this house!

Rex: But sir, you allow cheating, right?

Amset-Ra: I do? Oh yeah! Go on, then.

Rex: Emmet, I need you here on the double. Got some business for you to attend.

Emmet: Lord Business? That is NOT awesome!

Rex: No, no… something just as bad, though.

Dalek: Exterminate!

The Dalek vaporizes the phone.

Rex: What was that for? I paid thousands for that! And also you could have hit me inste-

Rex is vaporized.

Wyldstyle: Looks like we have a wi-

Emmet falls through the ceiling.

Emmet: Alright! Lemme at 'im!

Amset-Ra: Too late. Battle’s over. Go home.

Amset-Ra ejects the entire crowd through the hole above.

Invizable: That battle was a tad short, no?

Amset-Ra: No u.

After the Battle

Amset-Ra: I have to pay HOW MUCH?!

Repair Man: Yep. Can't do it for free ya know.

Amset-Ra: But this is ridiculous! I'd rather get my servants to do it. And you know how they wor- I mean, slack off.

Invizable: Leave it to me. I have no real role anyway.

Amset-Ra: Perfect! You'll be the Pyramid janitor!

Invizable: Now now, I never said-

Amset-Ra: It'll be great! You'll even get paid two cents a day!

Invizable: But with inflation and all…

Amset-Ra: I said it'll be great! Sigh… End transmission.

The Winner
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