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Dr. Inferno: Welcome to Dr. Inferno's Interview Studio. This will be my first interview in which I get a co-interviewer. Get in here, Lloyd.

Lloyd enters and sits in his chair.

Dr. Inferno: Today we're interviewing the prince of the lion tribe, Laval!

Lloyd: Who are you kidding? He's the leader of the tribe!

Dr. Inferno: Actually, Lagravis is. I said, Today we're interviewing the prince of the lion tribe, Laval!

Lloyd: And I said, Who are you kidding? He's the-

Above the stage…

Gold Tooth: C'mon, trap door! Open already!


Laval falls through and lands in the interviewee's chair.

Dr. Inferno: First question: How do you feel about your theme ending?

Laval: GREAT!!!!!!!!!

Dr. Inferno: Quit frenzying.

Laval: No, really. My theme was sooo strange. C'mon, glowing rocks that you shove into your chest? Give me a break.

Frenzy: Gimme a break, gimme a break, break me off a piece-

Dr. Inferno: Magma Drone has the day off today, so I'm calling the Space Police.

Frenzy: The WHAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Are you kidding? I can't go back to JAIL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Dr. Inferno: You can and you will.

Four Space Police officers, conveniently dressed in University of Heartlake football uniforms, rush forward and tackle Frenzy. One of the handcuffs flies out of one of the officer's hands. A referee blows his whistle.

Random Cheerleader: It's a fumble!

Snake gets out of his seat, grabs the handcuffs, and runs out the door. The referee raises his arms.

Random Cheerleader: TOUCHDOWN!!!!!!!!!

Dr. Inferno: Okay, okay, this is NOT a football stadium. (Maybe I should have had the Magma Drone here after all.) Lloyd, your turn to ask a question.

Lloyd: Okay, um… Did you beat Sir Fangar?

Laval: Technically, no. But I hear he got a job at the Fighting Pyramid.

Dr. Inferno: Thank you, Captain Obvious. Where is Fluminox?

Laval: Well, duh! He can be found in the Fire Temple! Everybody knows that!

Lloyd: And do you know what happened to Spinlyn?

Laval: She was beated by crocs and gorillas.

???: You were saying?

Everyone looks up to see Spinlyn.

Spinlyn: I survived your puny attack. And now, my dear feline, you will be the first to go.


Laval: ACK! Bug spray!

Lloyd: SPINJITZU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Dr. Inferno: Well, that's all time we have today. Goodnight!