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Dr. Inferno: Howdy! Welcome to my custom-built interview studio! Sure, it's mostly made of Technic pieces, and and the chandelier is actually one of Tahu's old masks, but we've got this thing called a budget, and it's like, pretty low. So without further ado, let's bring out our interviewee, Cyrus Borg!

Cyrus Borg appears on stage and sits down in the interviewee's chair.

Dr. Inferno: So, Mr. Borg, how'd you get half your face robotic?

Cyrus Borg: Oh man, there are so many rumors about that. Some say I got Mr.-Good-and-Evil-Itis, as did Two-Face. Others say I went to a Nindroid costume party and forgot to take my costume off. But what really happened involved the Overlord in a creepy way.

Dr. Inferno: Wow, those people really went "Overborg" with those rumors, didn't they?

Cyrus Borg: ...Was that pun intended?

Dr. Inferno: Yup. Anyway, was P.I.X.A.L. mad that Toxikita stole her hair style?

Cyrus Borg: You'll have to ask her. She stole Ann Lee's hair style, who in turn stole Cavewoman's hair style. She invented it.

Dr. Inferno: Audience questions! If you don't ask, my laser cannon will blast you all to smithereens!

Flex: What are smithereens?

Cyrus Borg: A smithereen is a microscopic fragment of a LEGO brick.

Spyclops: Is that in Brainstein's dictionary?

Cyrus Borg: ...Yes. Hey, you're a cyborg, too?!

General Cryptor: Will you join my army and fight for liberty, justice, and freedom of Ninjago City?

Cyrus Borg: SECURITY!!!

A Magma Drone appears out of the blue and blasts General Cryptor to smithereens.

Flex: There's that word again! Brainstein, where's your dictionary?

Brainstein: Right here it says "smith•er•eens n. 1. A microscopic fragment of a LEGO brick."

Flex: I KNEW IT!!!

Cyrus Borg: SECURITY!!!

The Magma Drone shoots Flex.

Brainstein: I couldn't help but notice that you didn't say "smithereens."

Cyrus Borg: SECURITY!!!

The Magma Drone shoots Brainstein.

Dr. Inferno: This interview is getting way off topic, but two can play at this game. SECURITY!!!

The Magma Drone shoots Cyrus Borg.

Dr. Inferno: Remember my promise, audience?

The audience flees, but only because a hot dog cart has just pulled up.

Dr. Inferno: End transmission?