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Dr. Inferno: Welcome to blah blah blah blah. Today, I'm interviewing Lloyd Garmadon.

Kai: Not while he's the evil green ninja, you're not!

Dr. Inferno: Wanna bet?


Lloyd comes out and sits in the interviewee's chair. He is wearing his Deepstone garb.

Dr. Inferno: I win the bet! Drop and give me one hundred!

Kai: Are you crazy?!

Dr. Inferno: Come on, it's not that hard! All you need to do is reach into your pocket, take your wallet, open it, and give me one hundred dollars.

Kai: If you read Invizable vs. Kai, you will have seen that a ninja has no need of money.

Dr. Inferno: Well, what if I told you that you're actually renting your dragon?

Kai: D'oh!

Lloyd: Can we please get on with the interview?

Dr. Inferno: Certainly. Alright, In your first variant, why did you wear a green "5"?

Lloyd: Because it was the number of my favorite Stackers player.

Kai: No way! The Clutchers are way better!

Dr. Inferno: SECURITY!

A Magma Drone shoots Kai.

Dr. Inferno: Where did you get the Ultra Dragon?

Lloyd: An old geezer named Sensei Keiken gave it to me as an inheritance.

Dr. Inferno: But you're not even related to him!

Lloyd: He's Uncle Wu's father's brother. Anyway, he said he found it on the street with a sign that said "Will Work for Food."

Dr. Inferno: That's actually the name of Professor Hale's second mystery story.

Benny: I spaceship got the reference!

Dr. Inferno: Audience questions! Seat 23.

Jestro: How crazy are you?

Lloyd: Wh-what?

Jestro: Yeah!

Lloyd: Crazy enough to be a villain twice, as well as being the Golden Ninja.

Jestro: Book of Monsters! Stop eating my pasta!

Dr. Inferno: I thought I said no food was allowed in here? SECURITY!

The Magma Drone shoots Jestro.

Dr. Inferno: Seat 62½!

Skull Twin: Why did you call half a seat?

Dr. Inferno: Because in Seat 62 is the annoying Skull Twin. Seat 33!

Frenzy: I want to say it too! SECURITY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The Magma Drone shoots Frenzy.

Dr. Inferno: Seat 100!

Alien Queen: I guess I am the first to ask a logical question. Will you become bad again?

Lloyd: Who knows. With sky pirates to battle, anything could happen.

Dr. Inferno: Seat stage! Will you become my co-interviewer?

Lloyd: I guess I will. I have so much free time on my ha- wait! Monty Pythor and the Holy Tee-Vee will be playing at the Temple of Airjitzu soon! Gotta go!

Lloyd leaves.

Dr. Inferno: Well, I guess that wraps up today's interview. Bye, future slaves!