Activate Protocol EVE SERPENT.

–Blacktron Commander, Space Villain vs. Jack Fury vs. Fire-Arm

Evil Mech is a class-type for robotic villains constructed by the Blacktron organisation. The personality and purpose of these robots varies, but it includes Assassin, Blunt Force Infantry, Hacker, Janitor, Bee Keeper, and the newest job in the Blacktron repertoire: Guy who makes sure that all Evil Mech's are plugged into charging sockets.

As of now, only one Evil Mech has battled in the Fighting Arena, and unfortunately it lost to Lord Vampyre. Prior to losing, the Evil Mech was acquired from Blacktron by T.A.R.D.I.S. We can be sure that this Evil Mech will not be returning, as it exploded.

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Season 2: Commandosaur

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