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–Geolix, Alpha Draconis vs. Geolix vs. Mace Windu vs. SharX

Geolix is a giant green Rock Monster who lives underground, munching on energy crystals. However, the evil Power Miners have arrived to steal their food source. Please call 1-800-555-2823 to donate to the LSPCRM (LEGO Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Rock Monsters.

Geolix's record is not as strong as he is, though. His first match saw his loss to Alpha Draconis, but he made a good comeback the next season, as he defeated Curtis Bolt, Frank Rock, Grundalychus, and Minotaur. He then lost to a Weeping Angel the next match. He awaits opponents in Round 2.

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Season 2: NexoByte

Season 3: Commandosaur