Yo, dude! Let's rock and roll!

–Griffin Turner, Invizable vs. Griffin Turner vs. Alien Queen

Griffin Turner is the elemental master of speed, and a protagonist from the Ninjago theme. He also has several other professions:

  • Rock Band (All positions at the same time)
  • Fly Fisher Competition (He competes against himself)
  • Ninja Army (An army of one. But when you're this fast, I think you count as more than one)
  • Master Chen's Noodle Shop (Runs four 5-star establishments at a time, being the cook, clerk, cashier, manager, waiter and server)
  • Sunglass/Hair Modeling Company (He takes the photos and wears the products)

His record in the Fighting Pyramid hasn't been as successful as his many other careers. As of Season 1, he has yet to win a fight, but he fared okay against Invizable, somehow lasting longer than the exalted royalty Alien Queen.

Nominated by: Edit

Season 1: Punctuation Penguin

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