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Here you can fulfill wiki requests.

New Management Staff

We need new managers for the Did You Know? and Brickfilm of the Month sections. To apply, please contact NexoByte or Commandosaur on their message wall.


Our pages need templates. Here is a list of templates that I created:

  • UpdateFighter
  • UpdateInfobox
  • FighterImage
  • PageFooter
  • OptimizeBattle
  • FighterBio
  • FighterQuote


I need help promoting the wiki! We only have three active users at the moment (Commandosaur, Surtatb2007, and myself (NexoByte)), but the more, the merrier! Help out by promoting the wiki in any way possible. 


Sam Sinister: Hello. I see that you've come to the voting section.

Users: Uh, yeah...

Sam Sinister: Well, thankfully, everyone who comes here is hired!

Users: REALLY?!

Sam Sinister: Indeed! We need everyone to go and vote on every single battle, right now.

Wyldstyle: In fact, if you don't have the time, we'd gladly accept if you simply voted on a few battles for right now. But we really need people to vote.

Users: But, how does this help improve the wiki?

Wyldstyle: Well, whenever you give a battle a "10", we know that the jokes used in that battle were interpreted as funny, and we'll use more jokes of the same hilarity calibre in future battles. Likewise, we will not aim to replicate battles with scores of "1". By that logic, whenever you vote on a battle, you ensure that future battles are funnier, finer, and more ferocious!

Sam Sinister: Yes. Perhaps as ferocious as this T-Rex, who is going to eat you if you don't vote.

T-Rex: ROAR!

Users: Okay, okay, we'll vote!

Sam Sinister: Wonderful! You can do so by visiting each battle individually, or by going to the aforementioned page, where you can find the polls for all battles of the first two seasons.

Wyldstyle: Yes! And have no fear, because the polls are synced. Therefore, if you vote for Morro vs. Snake vs. Grundalychus vs. Monster Crab on its page, then your input will automatically show up on the Battle Polls page!


There are many battles, especially in the second half of season 1 and onward, that do not contain images of their fighters as of now. We need these images added!

Character Pages

We need all of the Infoboxes updated to the new "Infobox fighter" template. We also need someone with ideas and stamina to help out with all of the un-finished fighters pages.

Special Fighter Drawings

Only fulfill this request if you can make quality pictures using Microsoft Paint or another drawing document, or if you are a great artist. I need special pictures of Invizable, Wyldstyle, Jek-14, AntiMatter, Mace Windu, Morro, Buggoid, Kai, Grundalychus, Tee-Vee, Frenzy, and Toxikita. These pictures will be used in all Season Finals matches and an upcoming season.