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Dr. Inferno: Greetings, and welcome to Dr. Inferno's Interview Show. Today, I have asked Infearno to interview Frenzy.

Infearno: You mean that crazy host of "Cooking with a Crazy Crook?!"

Dr. Inferno: That's right. Now get out there, you're on in five seconds.

Frenzy sits down in the interviewee's chair.

Infearno: Welcome to Dr. Infearno's inter- wait that's not right.

Audience: Hahahahahaha!

Infearno: Quiet, or I'll satisfy my flamethrower suit's cravings. All right, Frenzy, first question: Why is set 5970 called Freeze Ray Frenzy when you didn't appear in that set?

Frenzy: Why don't you ASK KRANXX!!!!!!!!!

Infearno: Kranxx?

Kranxx: I liked the name.

Infearno: Did you really own an ice cream stand?

Frenzy: No, but I do work at a Taco Tuesday restaurant IN GALAXY CITY!!!!!!!!!!!!

Infearno: And why did you steal gold from the Space Police?

Frenzy: So I could KEEP MY SHOW RUNNING!!!!!!!!!

Infearno: Enough with the exlamatory outbursts. Audiemce question time! Seat FANGRA.

Sir Fangar: You made a GLOOOOOOOORIOUS typo in my seat name.

Infearno: Ask your question.

Sir Fangar: What is your GLOOOOOOOORIOUS show like?

Frenzy: Well, we just "borrow" things to make delicious recipes, like Jabba the Hutt did.

Infearno: Seat SMARTYPANTS.

Professor Brainstein: How come you appeared in only one set, while Snake appeared in four?

Frenzy: That always bugged me. I should have taken his place in Squidman's Pitstop.

Infearno: Seat P-SQUIDDY.

Squidman: How many other characters have four arms.

Frenzy: Samukai, Garmadon, Grievous, the Skull Slicer, and some guy from TMNT.


Space Police Officer: You're under arrest, Frenzy.

Infearno: That's not a question!

Frenzy: NOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!

Infearno: I said no exclamatory outbursts!!!!!!!!!!!

The officer snaps two pairs of handcuffs on Frenzy and leads him away.

Dr. Inferno: Well, that's all the time we have for today. Until next time, goodnight.

End tramsmission.