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This is the fourteenth battle in Season 1.
Season 1, Round 1, Battle 14 (14th battle overall)
Written by NexoByte on February 11, 2015
The Announcer

The Referee

The Predictor

The Red Corner
Lord Garmadon
This guy really knows how to fight. After all, four arms are better than two.

Nominated by Punctuation Penguin
The Green Corner
Exo Suit Team
Exo Suit Team
What a coincidence. They're wearing green in the green corner. But tell me, why are there three guys here?

Nominated by Punctuation Penguin
The Yellow Corner
As the ankle-biter of the dinosaurs, this could be the little dino that could.

Nominated by Commandosaur
The Blue Corner
Oh great. Who let in the giant bats again?

Nominated by Commandosaur

The Battle

Wyldstyle: Welcome to Wyldstyle's brand new hair salon!

Amset-Ra: Excuse me?

Wyldstyle: I mean Amset-Ra's Fighting Pyramid! Today, we're going on a tour, starting at the Dino Defense HQ! This morning we interviewed Sue Montana, who voted for Pteranodon, and Josh Thunder, who voted for Raptor.

Amset-Ra: Could you please announce the fighters so I can drive Josh Thunder's beefy truck?

Josh Thunder: NO.

Wyldstyle: Sure! in the Red Corner is the Ninja's old enemy, Lord Garmadon!

Lord Garmadon: Welcome to the real world, fools.

Wyldstyle: In the Green Corner are three guys who make up the Exo Suit Team!

Pete: Ready?

Yve: Ready.

Robo Turtle: The odds of us winning this battle are 10,000 to-

Pete: NEVER tell me the odds!

Han Solo: NEVER steal my catchphrase!

Amset-Ra: NEVER stop announcing the fighters!

Wyldstyle: In the last two corners are two dinos, Raptor and Pteranodon!

Raptor: Rrrrrrrrooooooaaaarrrrr!

Commandosaur: Oh yeah!


Sue Montana: He lost his voice a few days ago.

Amset-Ra: Award time! The Minifigure of the Week is Kranxx, and the User of the Week is Commandosaur!

Commandosaur: Wait a minute, I was User of the Week last week!

Amset-Ra: We all know how much you love dinosaurs and aliens.

Axel: I'm voting for Lord Garmadon. He has the most arms of anyone I know-

Squid Warrior: Don't forget me!

Axel: Okay, second most. He's even got the Mega Weapon-


Ninja: But we destroyed that!

Punctuation Penguin: It's actually the Super Weapon!

Bubblebomber: No, PP, it's actually the Mega Weapon.

Punctuation Penguin: Oops. Sorry, BB.

Lord Garmadon: Oh, calm down. I took it to Four Weapons Blacksmith. They've got great customer service.

Amset-Ra: Very amusing. Invizable, start the match.

Invizable: FIGHT!

Pete: Blast him!

Yve: Roger that!

Zing zing zing!

Raptor: Rrrrrrrroooooooaaaaaarrrrrrr!

Pete: Nonononononono-


Wyldstyle: Yve shot the Raptor, who destroyed the Exo Suit. Who could have seen that coming?

Lord Garmadon: Get away from me, you giant moth! Feel the wrath of the Mega Weapon!


Pteranodon: ……………!!!!

Invizable: Ring-out. Pteranodon out.

Sue Montana: NO!

Josh Thunder: YES!

Both: MAYBE!… What?

Wyldstyle: Using the Mega Weapon, Garmadon shot down Pteranodon! I never knew it could do that!

Lord Garmadon: You don't know the secrets of Spinjitsu.

Pete: When in doubt, REBUILD!

Clickclickclickclickclick… CRUNCH!

Wyldstyle: After the Exo Suit Team rebuilt their Exo Suit, Raptor stepped on Robo-Turtle.

Yve: NO!

Lord Garmadon: Ice Spinjitsu!

Whoosh… Chink!

Pete: Yve!

Wyldstyle: Garmadon froze Yve in ice! What horror!


Lord Garmadon: What?!

Stomp stomp stomp stomp stomp!

Lord Garmadon: Ungh…

Invizable: Garmadon is eliminated!

Josh Thunder: YEAH!

Wyldstyle: Raptor stampeded on Lord Garmadon! And now, our presentation of NexoByte's Did You Know!

NexoByte: Did you know that Green Robot, Ashlee Starstrider, and Max Solarflare are all exclusive to their sets?

Wyldstyle: Now you know!

Several long-time Galaxy Squad fans: We knew!

Pete: I'm all alone now…

Claw claw stomp!

Raptor: Rrrrroooooaaaaarrrrr!


Invizable: The whole Exo Suit Team is eliminated. Raptor is the winner!

Raptor: Rrrrroooooaaaaarrrrr!

Josh Thunder: Yyyyeeeesssss!

Commandosaur: Yes! Finally!

Lord Garmadon: Ungh… Earth Spinjitsu!



Invizable: Lord Garmadon wins!

Josh Thunder: NO! Give me my money back, Amset-Ra!

Amset-Ra: NO.

Wyldstyle: Wow! After a failed attempt to attack the Raptor, the Raptor smashed the Exo Suit out of the clearing! But in a surprising turn of events, Lord Garmadon got back up and sent a storm of an unreal amount of boulders onto Raptor! I will remember this fighter for years to come!

Lord Garmadon: I will refuse to be bested by such ninnies.

Amset-Ra: You were close at first, Axel, but you guessed right. All right, let's pack up! We're going to our next destination, the Portal of Atlantis!

Axel: Yes! You'll get to see what I saw!

Amset-Ra: Yup! Hey, congrats on your vic, Garmie!

Lord Garmadon: Don't call me Garmie!!!

Amset-Ra: Ack! End transmssion!

End Transmission

The Winner
Lord Garmadon
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