It feels so good to be back in the land of the living, only to make its puny inhabitants dead...

–Lord Vampyre, Lord Vampyre vs. Clutch Powers vs. Toxikita

Lord Vampyre is the main antagonist of Monster Fighters. His primary objective is to blot out the sun forever. I mean, seriously, that's it?! Who'd want to blot out our primary light source? We pharaohs need light more than anybody! Well, actually, I've got electricity, but still. Plus, without the sun, it might get a little chilly.

When he's not trying to plunge the world into darkness by using glowing rocks, he's racking up points at the Fighting Pyramid. He's already defeated Bard, Evil Mech, and Lord Vortech, while ignoring the fact that I was dragged into the shadows by actual shadows. Buuuuuut... here's the catch. He lost to eventual season runner-up Toxikita the following match. He did, however advance to Round 2. That's when AntiMatter gave him the boot. I'd love to see him once again try his luck at the lottery that is Amset-Ra's Fighting Pyramid.

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