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I am here, in the corner of dark redness and eternal not-peace! Fear my harrowing prowess in the insurmountable power of invisibility!

–Mallock the Malign, Mallock the Malign vs. Bytar vs. Snake Charmer

Mallock the Malign, or Evil Wizard, if you want to go more generic, is the main antagonist of The Adventures of Clutch Powers.

He really is a bad guy. Should I go into more detail?

Mallock cruised through the pyramid, taking out opponents left and right. Among these were Frakjaw, Vakama, AntiMatter, Bytar, Snake Charmer, Jedi Bob, Gorzan, and Meca One. However, in Round 3, he failed to defeat Dr. Inferno.

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Season 3: Commandosaur