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Ahoy there me hearties now walk the plank!

–Metalbeard, Metalbeard vs. Invizable

Metalbeard is that rusty Master Builder mech pirate. Well, at least he says he isn't rusty or a mech. He is the weirdest thing since sliced bread. He's got the body of a multipurpose utility knife, as well as the use of a cutlass, a cannon, and even a shark as weapons. He also has many a story to tell about his adventures on his Sea Cow.

In The LEGO Movie, he and his fellow Master Builders helped to defeat the evil Lord Business, but could not convince The LEGO Group to change the movie's sequel's release back to 2018. Oh well, Master Builders can't do everything.

In Season 1, Metalbeard managed to crush AntiMatter, but he lost to his next opponent, Invizable. His Round 2 opponents seemed intimidating, and they were, as AntiMatter threw Metalbeard's own ship at him and advanced to the next round.

In Season 3, Metalbeard

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Season 1: Punctuation Penguin

Season 3: Commandosaur