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This is the twenty-second battle in Season 1 and first of the second half of the season.
Season 1, Round 1, Battle 17 (22nd battle overall)
Written by NexoByte on April 1, 2015
The Announcer

The Referee

The Predictor

The Red Corner
Hey! Kids aren't allowed to fight here! Or are they?

Nominated by Punctuation Penguin
The Green Corner
Curtis Bolt
Curtis Bolt
I wonder what his "secret intel" has to say about this battle…

Nominated by Surtatb2007
The Yellow Corner
Space Villain
Space Villain
"There's no villainy like space villainy!" Yeah, right.

Nominated by Commandosaur
The Blue Corner

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Before the Battle

Jack Fury: Begin Intel C½.

Audience: C½?

Laugh track

Curtis Bolt: Never mind that. Since when did we get an audience?

Laugh track

Jack Fury: Never mind that, either. All right, let's begin.

Curtis Bolt: We've come a long way in our fight against AntiMatter.

AntiMatter: BUT YOU WON'T WIN.

Curtis Bolt: Quiet!

Laugh track

Bolt: Anyway, we've got two new villains on our hands.

Bobby Buoy: Ooh! Is it the shark villain and the lightning villain?

Bolt: No, and be quiet.

Laugh track

Bolt: That wasn't funny.

Laugh track

Fury: Since when were we aware of the laugh track?

Laugh track

Bolt: I have no idea. Anyway, the two villains are Nya and Space Villain.

Nya: I am NOT a villain!

Space Villain: Neither am I!

Laugh track

All eyes turn to Space Villain.

Space Villain: All right, all right! I admit it! I'm a villain!

Bolt: You two aren't even supposed to be here. Now go back to the Fighting Pyramid and train!

Nya and Space Villain leave.

Fury: Aren't you supposed to be there, too?

Laugh track

Bolt: Listen, I think that laugh track is malfunctioning.

Laugh track

Bolt: NexoByte, could you please turn off that-

Laugh track

Bolt: laugh track?

NexoByte: Right away.

NexoByte turns off the laugh track.

Bolt: Thank you. I've never had a Secret Intel with so many interruptions (or laugh track) in my life.

Fury: Aren't these supposed to be Secret Intels?

Laugh track

Bolt: All right, who's the wise guy who turned on the-

Laugh track

The Battle

Wyldstyle: Welcome to You-Know-Where! I'm hungry, so let's get this over with! In the Red Corner is a Lord Garmadon look-alike, Samurai X!

Nya: Actually, my name is-

Wyldstyle: We know. In the Green Corner is the Secret Intel master, Curtis Bolt.

Bolt: That's Agent Curtis Bolt. Anyway, you're going down, servants of AntiMatter!

Nya: When will you ever learn? I'm not a villain.

Space Villain: Neither am I.

Laugh track

Bolt: Great. The laugh track followed me all the way here.

Wyldstyle: A question about the guy in the Yellow Corner: If Space Villain is not a villain, then why does he have a Blacktron symbol on him.

Space Villain: 'Cause I LOVE Blacktron!

Professor Christina Hydron: I was a Blacktron secretary for three years.

Bolt: Traitor!

Wyldstyle: Moving on… The guy in the Blue Corner is Invizable.

Invizable: FIGHT!

Axel: Hey, I never got to predict!

Invizable: Return to the sea from whence you came!

Axel: Yes, sir.

Bolt: Stud Shooter!

Pew pew pew!

Space Villain: HA! My suit is laser-resistant!

Bolt: But not laser-proof.


Space Villain: All right, I get the ol' point! Construct!

Assembly of bricks noise!

Wyldstyle: Wow! He built an entire Blacktron fleet!

Nya: But you said you weren't a villain.

Space Villain: You're right, my name is Space Villain. Blacktron fleet, attack!


Space Villain: What was that?!

Invizable: The Ultra Agents and the Futuron fleet have just arrived.

Nya: Spinjitsu!

Bolt: Classified attack!


Space Villain: AAAAAAAHH…


Invizable: Space Villain is eliminated… not! Because the Blacktron fleet is still present.

Solomon Blaze: We're supporting Bolt!

Futuron General: We're supporting Nya!

Insert five minutes of blasters and explosions here

Wyldstyle: Well, it looks like the Ultra Agents Mission HQ and most of the Blacktron fleet are destroyed. However, Nya has just beaten Curtis Bolt.

Blacktron General: Fire the dreaded weapon.


Wyldstyle: There goes the entire Futuron fleet! And it looks like they've abducted Nya and are leaving with her!

Invizable: Space Villain wins!

Amset-Ra: Aahh, that was a nice 20-year nap I had. What did I miss?

Wyldstyle: The Futuron and Blacktron fought here, and Space Villain was victorious!

Amset-Ra: Nice. Hey, where's Axel?

Axel: Listen, Portal Emperor, I have all five keys to access the portal. What more could you want?

Portal Emperor: I want $10,000 from your bank account and the latest Friends mini-doll.

Laugh track

The Winner
Space Villain
Space Villain
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