Golden Mask or none, I'll defeat you!

–Pohatu, Electrolyzer vs. Rancor vs. Pohatu vs. Craniac

Pohatu, the Toa Mata, Toa Nuva, Master and Uniter of Stone, has been around forever. From teaming up with the Toa Mata to defeating Makuta, this Toa's adventurers never end. Too bad we didn't get to stick around to see what happened to him after he beat Umarak... (SPOILERS: He beat Umarak.)

Pohatu has a 2-0 record in Amset-Ra's Fighting Pyramid, incurred from beating Rancor, Craniac, and Electrolyzer. In Round 2, he defeated Indominus Rex, Lord Garmadon, and Invizable, but was ultimately outmatched by Frenzy.

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Season 2: Surtatb2007

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