This Pyramid Story takes place just before Café Clip 7.


Amset Ra: Let's go back to the Fighting Pyramid. It should be done by now.

When they arrive, they see Pharaoh Hotep's new-and-improved RUBIX Cube of Doom.

Audience: *Gasp*

Amset Ra: I didn't know we had a Gasp Track.

Pharaoh Hotep: Hello, son. Nice day to re-take a pyramid, isn't it? Skeleton Archers, fire!

Skeleton Archer: Fire? Where? Let's call the fire department.

Pharaoh Hotep: No, you knuckle head!

Pharaoh Hotep knocks the Skeleton Archer of the RUBIX Cube and grabs its longbow.

Pharaoh Hotep: Guards. Lock Amset Ra in one of those new maximum security sarcophagus. We will have the next fight here.