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Beware the wrath of the Scorpion Stinger!

–-Scorm, Mantizoid vs. Tee-Vee vs. Buggoid vs. Scorm

Scorm is the King of the Scorpion Tribe in the land of Chima. It would appear that Morro is a fan of him, for in Scorm's battle Morro possessed Axel to make him predict Scorm as the victor.

Scorm has a 0-1 record in the Fighting Pyramid. He lost his battle to the awe-inspiring, bombad, cool, dignified, eccentric, fearless, great, honorable, illuminated, jubilant, kind, luminous, magnificent, nice, optimistic, positive, quite glorious, ruling, supercalifragilisticexpialidocious, tenacious, uplifting, valued, worthy, xenodochial, young, zesty Holy Being, Tee-Vee, in Mantizoid vs. Tee-Vee vs. Buggoid vs. Scorm

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