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Professor Christina Hydron interrogates interviews Invizable before the final match of Season 1. You might use this interview to determine your vote - or you might not!


Professor Christina Hydron: Good evening, Invizable... Invizable? Where are you?

Invizable appears in the interviewee's chair.

Invizable: I was here all along.

Hydron: I didn't know that. Okay, first question: Why did you say "Augh, my hat" when Caila shot you in the app?

Invizable: You've never heard of the Fedora Five?! That was my band. I was the lead singer, known far and wide for my fedora which I bought in '98. It's my pride and joy.

Hydron: I'm curious, where did you buy it?

Invizable: I bought it at Brickmart at a buy one lose one free sale.

Hydron: So you spent money on a hat and came home without one?

Invizable: I stole it later.

Hydron: Next question: How did you become a villain?

Invizable: It all started just after the Fedora Five finished singing "You're the One the Prophecy Spoke of." I was called backstage by a guy with a cloak and glowing eyes. He asked me if I wanted to join his band.

Hydron: So let me get this straight. A Jawa asked you to sing with him?

Invizable: No, no, no! His cloak was blue, and and he held a staff. I accepted his offer, and suddenly. I was lifted clear off the ground by his strong hands a vortex. (Whoops, I missed my strikethrough.)

Hydron: Man, that must have been one strong Jawa...

Invizable: (shakes head) After I emerged from the portal, I was wearing a red suit over a shirt and medal.

Hydron: Wow. Not only was there a legendarily powerful Jawa, but he turned you into Santa Claus.

Invizable: You've got a keen sense of imagination, I must admit. I thanked Little Blue Riding Hood and went back onstage. The crowd gasped. A random Rapper held up a mirror to me. I gasped, too! My head was gone, and I'm sure that no one like a floating hat and pair of sunglasses. After that, I quit being a singer.

Hydron: That was quite a story. What do you do for a living?

Invizable: Not only do I have an uncontrollable urge to destroy the Ultra Agents, but I fight at Chen's Tournament of Elements part-time.

Hydron: Moving on, you are about to enter the season championship against the Ninja of Fire, Kai. Do you have a plan to win?

Invizable: Since I can now be invisible longer, I'll use my gun, airspeeder, and bouncing safe against him.

Hydron: Are you unaware that he can now use Airjitsu?

Invizable: Oh, that stuff. Easy as pie.

Hydron: Anything else you'd like to add before we wrap up?

Invizable: If I win, I can be announcer again.

Hydron: We'll see. Goodnight.