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Professor Christina Hydron interrogates interviews Toxikita before the finale. You may use this to decide your vote, or you may not!

The Interview

Professor Christina Hydron: Welcome.

Toxikita: Good terrible morning.

Hydron: Are you excited for the Grammys tonight?

Toxikita: Vizzie the King rocks!

Hydron: Great. What is your favorite food?

Toxikita: Puffy Pot Stickers.

Hydron: That gets me into my next question. Are you really the Elemental Master of Poison?

Toxikita: Yes.

Hydron: How did you overthrow AntiMatter?

Toxikita: Easy. All I did was wait for the right time, and then pounced.

Hydron: What is your strategy to win the finale?

Toxikita: Easy. Poison, Poison, and some more Posion.

Hydron: By any chance, are you a fan of Kai?

Toxikita: Yes.

Hydron: Any last words final words?

Toxikita: No.

Hydron: Good. Now if you excuse me, I am off to watch the Grammys.