There's no villainy like space villainy!

–Space Villain, LEGO Minifigures quote

Space Villain is a villain hero from the black hole at the center of the universe Cloud Cuckoo land of Happiness! He has stolen the most sacred jewels on earth the figurative hearts of many admirers, and is ranked as the #1 villain best person in the world. You're lucky to meet him and come out alive !

Space Villain has a 1-1 Round 1 record, and some of that can be accredited to his superb building skill- In his first Season 1 battle, he built an entire fleet, which fought on even after he was defeated by Nya and Curtis Bolt. This fleet allowed him to win the battle, however, he was defeated by Psyclone shortly afterwards. In Round 2, Space Villain defeated Jack Fury and Fire-Arm in a preliminary round battle. He went on to compete against Geonosis Clone Trooper and Kai for a spot in Round 3, but Kai proved to be too much for him.

He must have weakened over the years, because he instantly lost to the first losing fighter Benny in Season 2.

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Season 1: Commandosaur

Season 2: Commandosaur