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This is the 4th battle of Round 2.
Season 1, Round 2, Battle 8 (42nd battle overall)
Written by Surtatb2007 on July 16, 2015
The Announcer

Mace Windu
The Referee

Master Chen
The Predictor

The Red Corner
Space Villain
Space Villain.jpg
Did you notice how his armour sparkles?

Rank 11; 2-0
Nominated by Commandosaur
The Green Corner
Geonosis Clone Trooper
Geonosis Clone Trooper.jpg
Hey, I recognize him! He looks just like the other trillion or so Clone Troopers!

Rank 9; 2-0
Nominated by Surtatb2007
The Yellow Corner
What if his name was an acronym?

Rank 10; 2-0
Nominated by Punctuation Penguin
The Blue Corner

Nominated by

This is the 4th battle of Round 2.

The Announcer: Mace Windu

The Referee: Master Chen

Before the Battle

Mace Windu: Where is Jack Fury? He was supposed to be here this battle, and the battle before that!

Master Chen: I believe Clouse kidnapped him.

Mace Windu: WHAT! You rotten, good for nothing, kidnapper!

Master Chen: Actually, Clouse kidnapped him...

Mace Windu: I DON'T CARE!!!!!

Master Chen: Well, if there is too much stress to be around me, a rotten, good for nothing, kidnapper, then I could always be the announcer and the referee...

Mace Windu: Never.

{{Heading|The Battle{{

Mace Windu: In the Red corner is the one and only Space Villain!

Space Villain: Thank you. And after I win this battle, Mace: you will fall to your doom.

Mace Windu: On that happy note, I am proud to tell you that the one and only Geonosis Clone Trooper is in the Blue Corner! And in the Green Corner, give it a hand for Kai, the Master of Fire!

Master Chen: Fight.

GCT: Obi Wan Kenobi and Commander Cody?

Obi-Wan Kenobi: On the behalf of the Jedi Order, I hereby arrest you for your crimes against the Galactic Republic.

Space Villain: Try to.

Obi-Wan Kenobi: You will regret your choice in exactly 5 minutes.

Space Villain: Why?

Obi-Wan Kenobi: Because of this.

Obi-Wan Kenobi lights his lightsaber.

Obi-Wan Kenobi: Take that.

Space Villain: Take this.

Space Villain fires his Stud Shooter.


Obi-Wan Kenobi: Ugh.

Assaj Ventress: Where did you get the Stud Shooter?

Space Villain: A 75% off sale at Brickmart.

Assaj Ventress: Bargain.

Space Villain: Now for the GCT.

GCT: Try to get me.

Space Villain: You're going down...

Kai: And I'm yelling SPINJITZU!

Space Villain: Oof.

Blacktron Commander: Retreat!

Master Chen: Space Villain is out.

GCT: Commander Cody?

Commander Cody: Drop the gold bars.

Kai: SPINJIT-ugh.

GCT: Ha.

Kai: *Groan*. Get me some of those gold bars.

Sensei Wu: We could get some in Metalonia.

Kai: *Groan*. Have Karlof and Camille bring them over. Meanwhile keep them busy.

Sensei Wu: Gladly.

6 hours later...

Kai: *Groan*. Hello, Karlof. Now, Camille would you mind turning into a falcon and dropping these things on the GCT?

Camille: Sure.

In the air...

Camille: *Grunt*. These things are heavy.

Karlof: Kai tell Karlof tell Camille drop them.

Camille: *Grunt*. What was that again?

Kai (whispering): Drop them.

Karlof: DROP THEM!!!!!

Camille: Yay! Also, guys, I won't be able to fight for awhile.

GCT: Ugh.


Karlof: Metal!


Master Chen: The GCT and the rest of the Galactic Republic is out... So Kai wins.

Mace Windu (whispering): Try to sound happier about it.

Master Chen: The GCT and the rest of the Galactic Republic is out... So Kai wins!!!!!

Audience: Yay!

Random Ninjago Fan: Awesome! Kai's my favorite ninja!

Master Chen: There. Was that better?

After the Battle

Master Chen: Clousy Clouse? What's taking so long? Why's the spell not here?

Clouse: Master.... To gather the actual ingredients for the spell, we must journey all around the universe to find 7 lost ingredients. So. Should we do it?

Master Chen: Of course we should do it! Right now!

End Transmission.

The Winner
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