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Hey, look, I can shoot a gun now!

–Squidman, Jack Fury vs. Agent Chase vs. Squidman vs. Buggoid

Squidman is the only known member of his species. He isn't the brightest (he doesn't know how to use a gun) but he did make a clone of himself (that ran off to try and be a better criminal). "The Mollusc Menace" and "P Squiddy" are just two of his nicknames. An enemy of the Space Police, he is a well known Kleptomaniac.

Squidman has a 0-1 record, having been defeated by Terry (Buggoid). Despite this, the next time he fights, he might be considered a real competitor... Assuming he remembers how those laser-shooting things work.

Voted in by:

BubbleBomber (Squidman is his favourite minifigure of all time)