–Tremorox, Various battles

Tremorox is a strong rock monster. He likes to live underground, eat red power crystals, throw rocks, throw smaller beings, and say his own name... Although that may just be the sound of the earthquakes he creates when he walks.

Tremorox was part of the first promotional battle, where he beat Lasha. However, this doesn't count towards his 1-1 record, incurred from defeating Rench, Clouse and Psyclone and losing to Jack Fury in Season 1. He also lost to Kai in Round 2.

Tremorox made a Season 2 comeback, but proved he wasn't fireproof when he was eliminated by the Phoenix king Fluminox in the first round. Chances are good the rocky anger machine will return soon...

Nominated by: Edit

Season 1: NexoByte

Season 2: Commandosaur