Lego Battle Wiki

Here you can vote in your favorite minifigures to fight in the current tournament! Here are the rules below:

  • Voting for the next match runs every Saturday through Wednesday. Vote for who you think will win on the main page. Battles will be posted most Saturdays.
  • You may nominate a maximum of ten minifigures. The order that you nominate them is the order they will compete.
  • You cannot vote in fighters who have already fought this season. You may, if you wish, vote them in again the next season.
  • You cannot vote in a minifigure or variant from a set/theme that is unreleased or has not yet been released.
  • It's okay to vote in a fighter that someone else is voting in.
  • If the minifigure you are voting in has more than one variant, please specify the variant.
  • If four or more different minifigures have been voted in, I will use a poll to decide the minifigures. The fighter(s) with the most votes will fight in the next battle. If there is a four-or-more-way tie, I will throw the deciding vote. If your minifigure is not selected, you have permission to vote it in again if you want to.
  • You may not nominate too many minifigures from one theme. This is considered vote spam.

You may nominate minifigures and creatures from the following themes:

You may also nominate the following exception minifigures:

Licensed Character Months are in January, May, and September.

Dimensions Months are in March, July, and November.

Battle Poll

There is no battle poll currently available.