I painted that hair myself!

–Wyldstyle, Mace Windu vs. Chewbacca vs. Frenzy vs. Crocodile Legend Beast

Wyldstyle is a... Person with crazy hair? Master builder in a black sweater? Graffiti artist? Anyway, she was one of the heroes who defeated Lord Business. She was also responsible for rescuing Emmet from the Melting Room.

She has a personal grudge against Frenzy, who stole her hair, and is in eternal servitude to Morro for retrieving it.

Well, we know that she's one of the best fighters, because of her 3-2 record- She cruised through Season 1, defeating Alien, Chicken Suit Guy, Samurai Warrior, Batman, and Coelophysis, only to be stopped cold by Invizable in Round 3. She is the first female minifigure to have won a battle.

Wyldstyle didn't do nearly as well in Season 2, having lost to Frenzy in her first match.

Nominated by: Edit

Season 1: Punctuation Penguin

Season 2: Commandosaur

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