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This is the thirteenth battle in Season 1. If Wyldstyle wins, she'll become a Round 3 competitor.
Season 1, Round 1, Battle 13 (13th battle overall)
Written by NexoByte on February 7, 2015
The Announcer

The Referee

Dr. Inferno
The Predictor

The Red Corner
Now here's a warrior with flair and the potential to become the second Round 3 Qualifier.

Rank 3; 2-0
Nominated by Punctuation Penguin
The Green Corner

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The Yellow Corner

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The Blue Corner
First aliens, now prehistoric lizards! When will it ever end?

Nominated by Commandosaur

The Battle

Amset-Ra: Welcome to Amset-Ra's Fighting Pyramid! This match will take place just outside of Scorpion Pyramid for two reasons:

Anubis Guard 1: One: We want to give Coelophysis more room to run.

Anubis Guard 2: Two: We're starting to go into debt.

Amset-Ra: So I'm sorry to say that there won't be more Monday matches…

Audience: Awwwwww…

Amset-Ra: Not only will we try to raise funds, but this should also raise your suspense.

Brick Creeper: Unghh…

Anubis Guard 2: What happened?!

Amset-Ra: The suspense killed him. Literally.

Anubis Guards: Hahahahahahaha!

The Anubis Guards head inside the pyramid.

Invizable: Coming out of the pyramid at any moment is Emmet's right-hand woman who could put our current positions at stake, Wyldstyle!

The Anubis Guards emerge from the pyramid with Wyldstyle.

Wyldstyle: Well, here I am. Where's my opponent?

Ogel: I just dialed them up. They were arguing about which helicopter to use: the UltraCopter or the Heavy-Duty Helicopter.

Amset-Ra: Such babies!

Ogel: But they finally decided on the Heavy-Duty Helicopter.

Invizable: Good. Coming out of the skies at any time is the wonderfully WONDERFUL battling dinosaur, give it up, money and all, for Coelophysis!

The Heavy-Duty Helicopter descends from the desert sky and lands 100 feet from Wyldstyle. The crew members open the back door to reveal…


Wyldstyle: Whoa. He's scary.

Invizable: The Minifigure of the Week is Glaciator, and the User of the Week is Commandosaur! Now I need to get back to barricading the announcer's booth… oh wait, there isn't any announcer's booth out here. Oh, well.

Axel: I want to see Coelophysis win!

Dr. Inferno: Fight! And make sure Wyldstyle loses!


Wyldstyle: Where's a red cape when you need… oh, here's one.


Squidman: HEY! That's my cape!

Invizable: As the Coelophysis charges, Wyldstyle has grabbed the cape off of the conveniently close Squidman and is holding it out in front of her like a bullfighter.

stomp Stomp STOMP!

Wyldstyle: Olay!

Coelophysis: Roar?

Invizable: I used to watch bullfights back in my day, and boy, was that successful!

Wyldstyle: WyldLazors!


Coelophysis: RRRRRRROOOOOOOAAAAAARRRRR… cough, cough, wheeze…

Dr. Inferno: Yaziziziziziziz!

Wyldstyle: That's for hoping I would lose, which, sorry, wasn't the case.

Dr. Inferno: Wyldstyle, sadly, wins…

Invizable: Wyldstyle fired several tiny lasers at Coelophysis and our ref, and Wyldstyle is our new Round 3 Qualifier!

Wyldstyle: Move over, Invizable, I'm the new announcer now!

Invizable: Move over, Dr. Inferno, I'm the new referee now!

Dr. Inferno: Move over, Ogel, I'm the new nobody… wait…

Amset-Ra: As for me, I don't need to move over.

Anubis Guards: Excuse me, you're standing in front of the entrance of the pyramid.

Amset-Ra: I stand corrected.

Anubis Guards: No, Pharaoh, you stand in the way!

Amset-Ra: Sigh… End transmission…

End Transmission

The Winner
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